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Ramadan Show 2023

Inspired by her grandfather's homeland in the Middle East, Zaskia Sungkar created the 'Alayya' collection, which means 'sky,' as if it paints a picture of confidence and independence for women. Meanwhile, Zashi presents the 'Mangalia' collection, embracing her mother's birthplace, Fanny Bauty, which is Padang. The contrasting DNA between the Zashi and Zaskia Sungkar brands becomes their unique feature, with Zashi bringing a feminine vibe with a sweet pastel color palette. In contrast, the Zaskia Sungkar brand gives a bold impression with an alluring monochromatic color palette. Various loose-cut dresses and blouses, along with the choice of materials such as organza, satin, and tulle, highlight the collections of Zashi and Zaskia Sungkar this season.

61 looks from Zaskia Sungkar's collection and 21 looks from Zashi's collection were beautifully showcased by several artists like Paula Verhoeven, Nabila Syakieb, Lesty Kejora, Ayu Dewi, and many more. Irwansyah, Zaskia Sungkar's husband, also caught the attention of the guests with his adorable appearance alongside their son, Ukkasya. Not to be missed, Fadil Jaidi's performance with his father, Pak Muhammad, known for his humorous acts, added warmth to the Ramadhan Show, which received a warm welcome from the audience.